Janie - Buyer
Where do I begin to thank you? First of all, we immediately knew you were the perfect Realtor for us. I never expected or dreamed that we would find a place or get to make the move. Second, you are so organized and on top of things which both of us appreciated. Third, this may take the cake, Todd flew home and left me with lots of quick decisions and without you, we both agreed this deal would not have happened. You are awesome and very patient. I hope I have expressed in words how much we have appreciated all the extra time, energy, patience, kindness you have extended to us. I really do feel like after a week I have a dear friend in Denver, Liza Hogan.
Melissa M Sep 15, 2017
20 Macdonald St, Eagle, CO We thoroughly enjoyed working with Liza through the process of selling our home ahead of an interstate move. Her attention to detail, outstanding industry knowledge and personalized service ensured that what can be a stressful, complex and time-consuming process was in fact an efficient and seamless experience. Liza expertly guided us through every stage and we were very pleased with the final outcome.
Peter N Aug 6, 2018
999 8th St I very much enjoyed working with you and most of all, appreciated your guiding me through the entire process so calmly and knowledgeably. That was a pleasure. Thanks again!